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Terms & Conditions (Islander)

1. The Agreement

1.1 Island Ticket Hut Limited, (“Island Ticket Hut”, “Company”, “we”, “us”, “our”) a private limited company registered in the Island of Jersey with Company number 142158, offers an online ticket distribution system (the “Service”) for event organisers and deal organisers. The tickets Island Ticket Hut distribute are purchased from the event organisers and deal organisers

1.2 By using the Service to purchase tickets, you accept the organiser’s terms and conditions for ticket purchases. The ticket price and your rights and obligations in relation to Island Ticket Hut and the organiser are derived from the currently applicable terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) and the organiser’s terms and conditions. In the event of any conflict between Island Ticket Hut and organisers, the organiser’s terms and conditions will take precedence.

1.3 In the Terms and Conditions, “ticket” refers to the physical or digital proof of the right to a service and/or product from the organiser, that could include (but is not limited to) passes, season cards, vouchers, and gift cards.


2. Conclusion of contract

2.1 By purchasing a ticket, you accept the Terms and Conditions. Island Ticket Hut reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without warning. Similarly, Island Ticket Hut reserves the right to block end-users who, in connection with using the Services, commit breaches of Jersey law, the Terms and Conditions, or the organiser’s terms and conditions.

2.2 Checks are made of new events/deals, if, given their nature, Island Ticket Hut comes to suspect that it would not want to, or be able to, contribute to an organiser’s activities after tickets have been sold, Island Ticket Hut reserves the right to refrain from dispatching tickets until the nature of the event/deal has been clarified. If the tickets cannot be issued, Island Ticket Hut will make every effort to return any payments less deductions for the fees/charges applicable at any given time.

2.3 As a general rule, no right of cancellation applies to ticket purchases unless the event/deal is cancelled.


3. Limited use

3.1 Without special agreement with Island Ticket Hut, you are assumed not to be operating as a business. You may not, without special agreement, distribute, change, publish, monitor and/or interfere with materials published or distributed by Island Ticket Hut.


4. Data protection

4.1 Island Ticket Hut is registered with the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner and is subject to the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018.

4.2 By using the Services or permitting someone to use the services on your behalf, you consent to Island Ticket Hut collecting, storing, using, processing and transmitting your personal data to affiliated companies, subcontractors and contractual parties, including the organiser’s from which you bought the tickets. Furthermore, you consent to Island Ticket Hut sending you information about the Services until you actually withdraw your consent to receive such information.

4.3 In order to improve your user experience, Island Ticket Hut may store cookies on your local hard drive. You may choose to deactivate cookies in your web browser.

4.4 Island Ticket Hut processes personal data in accordance with the applicable regulations for processing personal data at any given time and with the aim of processing personal data in accordance with basic privacy protection considerations, including the need for personal integrity, privacy protection, and ensuring personal data is of satisfactory quality.

4.5 You may review the information that is registered about you at any given time by contacting info@islandtickethut.com. Demands to correct and/or delete personal data could affect Island Ticket Hut ‘s ability to deliver Services, because organisers often stipulate a requirement that the end-user must be identifiable in order to gain admission to the event. Therefore, Island Ticket Hut advises against deleting your profile, especially before you have received full settlement from the organiser. Neither Island Ticket Hut nor the event/deal organiser will be liable for problems in delivering the Services and/or any services from the organiser that the deletion or incorrect registration of information may entail.


5. Payment means and security

5.1 Island Ticket Hut accepts various payment means such as VISA and MasterCard. Island Ticket Hut only uses PCI-certified PSP technologies for payment transactions.

5.2 Island Ticket Hut’s website is protected by technologies such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and PCI-certified Web Application Fire Wall. Your personal and user data is encrypted to avoid misuse.


6. Island Ticket Hut’s service fees

6.1 Island Ticket Hut enters into an agreement with each individual organiser concerning coverage of its fees. The fees Island Ticket Hut charges to the organiser will thus either be included in the ticket price (absorbed) or added on to the ticket price. Organisers have the option when creating their tickets to add the fees onto the price of the ticket or absorb them.

6.2 When refunding ticket purchases, Island Ticket Hut reserves the right to hold back an £0.80 processing fee in order to cover its refund expenses before the remaining amount is refunded to an end-user.


7. Dispatch and delivery of tickets

7.1 Tickets and/or purchase confirmations are normally sent to the registered email address and/or telephone number within one hour of the payment transaction being approved.

7.2 You are liable for ensuring that the correct and current contact data are registered. If the ticket is not received within the expected time, please check your spam filter and/or contact Island Ticket Hut at info@islandtickethut.com or use other the support channels offered by Island Ticket Hut (website and social media).


8. Cancellation and Refunds

8.1 You are only entitled to a refund if the event is cancelled, or the event is moved to another date and you can no longer attend. In these circumstances, Island Ticket Hut will refund the amount you have paid, minus an £0.80 processing fee.

8.2 In any instance where a refund is requested and is not as a result of the event being cancelled or moved to another date, the decision whether to approve the refund will be passed onto the Event Organiser. The Event Organiser’s decision is final.

8.3 Where ticket revenue has been advanced to the Event Organiser before the event has taken place, ITH will only be able to process refunds on behalf of the organisers if the ticket revenue has been repaid to ITH. Please be aware that this may result in a delay in processing any refund to you. In the event that ITH is unable to recoup the ticket revenue from the organiser then your only recourse for a refund will be against the event organiser directly. In this instance ITH will take no responsibility for processing the refund and you will need to contact the organiser directly in order to obtain a refund.

8.4 Please note, it is your responsibility to check whether the event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue, and Island Ticket Hut cannot guarantee that you will be informed of any changes to the event date, time or venue.

8.5 Island Ticket Hut cannot be held responsible for refunds of any costs you may incur for travel, accommodation, or any other related goods as a result of a change to the event by the Event Organiser.

8.6 No refunds will be given in respect of lost or stolen tickets, after you have received them, and we will not be able to issue duplicate tickets to replace them.

8.7 ITH is not required to refund any tickets in the case that you can no longer attend the event or have made a mistake when booking.

8.8 All refund requests must be sent to Island Ticket Hut via email no later than 14 days after the date of the event. We reserve the right to refuse refund requests received after that period.

8.9 If an event is rescheduled, refund requests will be valid until 14 days after the original date of the event. If we do not receive a refund request within this time frame, your ticket will be automatically valid for the new date and you will not be entitled to a refund.

8.10 If an event is rescheduled more than once, you will have 14 days from the announcement of the reschedule to request a refund.

8.11 If an event changes date and your ticket is then used at that event, your entitlement to a refund will be void.

8.12 Refunds will only be sent to the payment method you originally paid with. Island Ticket Hut cannot issue a refund to any new cards you might have. For security purposes, we can only refund to the card that was originally used to pay. If a refund is sent to a closed account, it is the responsibility of the ticket purchaser to speak with their bank to resolve.

8.13 It is your responsibility to check your tickets; mistakes cannot always be rectified. You will not be entitled to a refund if you fail to attend an event or make an error when purchasing tickets.

8.14 You are responsible for reading all the information on an event listing before purchasing one or more tickets for that event. If you are unable to use the tickets due to factors that were stated in the event listing at the time of purchase, you will not be eligible for a refund.

8.15 You may have created multiple accounts on Island Ticket Hut. When you purchase a ticket, it is your responsibility to keep track of which user account the purchase was made under. No refunds will be given if you cannot locate your tickets due to confusion over multiple accounts.


9. Your responsibilities

9.1 You are responsible for purchasing the correct ticket and the correct number of tickets, registering the correct contact data, paying on time, and safeguarding your tickets, username and password.

9.2 In the event of any defects in the Services, you have an obligation to complain within a reasonable period of time.

9.3 If you register for an account on our website, your account details are personal to you and you must keep such information confidential and not disclose them to any other person.

9.4 We will be entitled to treat any action carried out through your account as being carried out by you. You must notify us immediately if you have reason to believe that your account details may have been compromised or used by any other person.

9.5 We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to your account for any reason in our discretion.


10. Your privacy

10.1 The privacy of your personal information is important to us. Any personal information that you provide to us will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which explains what personal information we collect from you, how and why we collect, store, use and share such information, your rights in relation to your personal information and how to contact us and supervisory authorities if you have a query or complaint about the use of your personal information.


11. Our intellectual property rights

11.1 Our website and its contents are protected by certain rights, including registered and unregistered intellectual property rights (“Rights”). These Rights belong either to us or to our licensors. We and our licensors expressly reserve all Rights in and to our website and its contents. In particular, we reserve all Rights in the name “Island Ticket Hut”, “ITH”, the Island Ticket Hut logo, the “(website)” domain name, the “(website)” domain name and all related domain names, trade marks, logos, brand names and/or trading names appearing on our Website.

11.2 Nothing in these Terms grants you any legal rights in our website or its contents other than as necessary to enable you to access and use our Website in accordance with these Terms of Use. The use of any trade marks on our Website is strictly prohibited unless you have our prior written permission.

11.3 You may only view, print out, use, quote from and cite our website and its contents for your own personal, non-commercial use on the condition that you give appropriate acknowledgment to us where appropriate and you do not remove our copyright or other proprietary notices.


12. Guarantees and liability

12.1 Island Ticket Hut will perform the Services with reasonable proficiency and diligence.

12.2 Island Ticket Hut does not guarantee that the product or service from the organiser will live up to your expectations and will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under any Contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control.

12.3 You can only plead liability on the part of Island Ticket Hut and Island Ticket Hut’s partners, employees, assistants, and offices for direct losses caused by wilful or gross negligence. The aforementioned liability is, under any circumstances, limited to the amount Island Ticket Hut charges for the Services.


13. Dispute resolution

13.1 This agreement is governed by Jersey law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Jersey Courts. The parties have an obligation to seek to resolve any dispute amicably. End-users may choose to bring the matter before the ordinary courts.


14. Complaints

14.1 If you are dissatisfied with the Service provided by Island Ticket Hut, please email: info@islandtickethut.com and we will endeavour to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days.


Terms & Conditions (Organisers)

1. Payment

1.1 When you complete an Event form, you will input the cost of the ticket.

1.2 In consideration of the services provided to you, ITH will collect a booking fee in respect of every ticket sold on your behalf which is inclusive of transaction and processing fees. The booking fee will vary depending on the price of the ticket. Please refer to the below table for standard rates:

Face Value Ticket Price ITH Fees
£10 and below 7.5% + 25p
£11 – £49 7.5%
£50+ 6%

For deals, ITH will charge 10% on each deal bought
Please note these rates may be subject to change but will be agreed upon in the organiser contract that will need to be signed before ticket sales can commence.

1.3 For events, organisers will have the option to absorb the booking fee or add it onto the ticket price.

1.4 ITH will collect all payments from buyers. You authorise ITH to hold such payment on your behalf.

1.5 Within 5 working days after your event, ITH will:

1.5.1 provide you with a statement detailing the number of tickets sold to buyers, the gross payment collected by ITH, a breakdown of any fees retained by ITH and the net amount due to you (“accounting statement”); and

1.5.2 electronically transfer to your designated bank account the net amount described in the statement.

1.6 You are aware that in some circumstances buyers may initiate a credit card charge back. Any chargeback with respect to your event (processed at any time after a purchase) will be charged back to you and ITH is not responsible or liable in any way for chargebacks initiated by Buyers. You indemnify ITH for any such chargebacks.

1.7 All ticket prices are stated in £ Sterling.

1.8 You must raise any objections to any accounting statements from ITH within 21 business days after the date the accounting statement is issued to you. If no objection is raised within that period, you are deemed to have accepted the accounting statement.

1.9 In certain circumstances, ITH may agree to advance ticket revenue to the event organiser before the event has taken place. In this instance, if an event is cancelled or ITH deems it reasonable that customers receive a refund (see section 3) then the event organisers must return all advanced payment in full to ITH immediately in order for ITH to be able to process customer refunds. In the instance that the advanced ticket revenue hasn’t been returned to ITH then it is solely the event organisers responsibility and liability to refund the customers for the face value of the ticket. ITH will accept no liability to refund customers if the ticket revenue has not been reimbursed to ITH.


2. Cancelled, changed, or postponed events

2.1 If you become aware that the details of an event will need to be changed (including time, date, venue, supporting acts etc.) or the event is to be cancelled, you must immediately notify ITH and we will promptly update the event page and notify ticket buyers.

2.2 If an event is cancelled, changed or postponed, you agree to offer buyers a comparable ticket to a rescheduled event. If the customer doesn’t accept a comparable ticket then you agree to offer a refund for the ticket which will be processed by ITH, minus an £0.80 processing fee. ITH reserves the right to retain their processing fees. Where advanced payments have been made to the event organiser and refunds are required then organisers must reimburse ITH in full for all advanced ticket revenue in order for ITH to process the refunds. In the event that organisers do not repay the full amount of advanced ticket revenue then it is solely the organisers responsibility and liability to ensure that the customer receives a refund for the full face value of the ticket. ITH accepts no responsibility or liability to refund customers where ticket revenue has not been returned in full.

2.3 Once you have notified ITH of a cancellation:

2.3.1 Where ITH is holding all payments on your behalf, we will automatically refund buyers the ticket price (minus an £0.80 process fee) onto the same credit card used for the purchase.

2.3.2 ITH reserves the right to hold back an £0.80 processing fee for refunded tickets. If you wish to refund customers the processing fee then you will need to refund the customer directly.


3. Exchanges and refunds

3.1 All ticket sales are final and unless you state otherwise on the event page, you are not expected to provide a refund or exchange unless the event is cancelled or rescheduled (see section 2) or in the following additional circumstances:

– an event for which we determine there is a failure to provide the advertised goods and services, including our determination that the main advertised experience or component of your event is not otherwise delivered;
– the event description presented to a Consumer at time of purchase is significantly different from the actual event;
– attendees are unable to attend the event due to your failure to adequately plan for capacity, ingress or egress, or attendance will otherwise subject the Consumer to safety concerns;
– attendees are unable to access your event’s venue;
– the refund request is eligible for a refund, per your posted refund policy; or
– you issue an event credit for use during a redemption period and fail to complete an event for which the credit is eligible during such redemption period
– you fail to respond to a refund request by either refunding or denying the request within five (5) business days;
– we determine that specific orders should be refunded under your posted refund policy
– we determine that the refund request, if not granted, will lead to a Chargeback that we are more likely than not to lose;
– we determine that specific orders are fraudulent (e.g., made with stolen credit cards or otherwise not bona fide transactions);
– we determine that the order is a duplicate;
– we determine that you have engaged in any fraudulent activity or made any misrepresentations;
– we determine that there is substantial risk of your nonperformance with respect to the applicable event or future events;
– we determine that you or we are likely to receive complaints, refund requests, transaction reversals and/or Chargebacks with respect to a substantial amount of orders;
– we determine that failing to make the refunds would otherwise expose us to legal liability.

3.2 If a refund is requested from the end user for any other reason, it will be at the discretion of the organiser to decide whether a refund is issued or not. ITH will only process discretionary refunds on behalf of organisers if the ticket revenue has not already been advanced to the organiser.

3.3 Where an error in ticket pricing is identified (whether due to human error or a transactional malfunction of the Site), upon request we will endeavour to cancel the ticket(s) where a refund to the purchase is to be provided.