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| Threaded Landscapes: Drawing with Stitch
Threaded Landscapes: Drawing with Stitch
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Threaded Landscapes: Drawing with Stitch

Bianca Padidar will lead a special drawing workshop using mixed media to create expressive landscapes through stitching.

Participants will work with layers of papers and fabrics, collaged, appliqued and bonded as a substrate to draw upon. Drawings are then worked into the textural surface to develop landscapes using threads, both hand and machine sewn.

Bianca Padidar is a Teacher of Textiles and Fashion and an award-winning Textile Artist. She has been producing creative textiles of different types and styles, specialising in Shibori Textile art, Contemporary Textiles and Stitch. Her work is notable for the complex surfaces she achieves using sustainable and natural materials. Her creations are imitations of nature, The physical and visual aspects of nature provide her with timeless inspirations for her work providing ready-made designs in terms of sculpture, texture, contours, endless colours, and patterns. Her work brings to life a personal ‘memory on cloth’ of the complexity and beauty of the natural environment.

Minimum age: 15+

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Date February 13, 2023Time 10:00 am - 5:00 pmVenue ArtHouse Jersey Capital HouseOrganiser ArtHouse JerseyOrganiser Website View Organiser Website

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