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Sound Bath
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Sound Bath

Why “Sound Bath”? 🤔

Sound is a wave. The sounds of bowls and gongs are special waves that can soothe emotions, bring blissful relaxation in the body, soothe the mind. They work similarly to the waves of water in the sea or lake, which swaying and lifting they give a feeling of lightness and total relaxation.

Hitting the bowl produces beautiful, rich, multi-level sound, long undulating and delicately resonates. There are several bowls. They are of different sizes and each of them sounds different. Pleasant sounds of bowls overlap and flow in waves throughout the room, creating a subtle rumbling effect. They rock and penetrate the bodies of everyone participating in this unusual sound session. We are immersed in beneficial sounds.

The powerful sound waves extracted from the gong “sweep away” the stress, rush and haste that accumulated throughout the day.

This is what bathing in the sounds of bowls and gongs can be, although there are as many feelings as people experiencing it.

What do participants experience?

Participation in a relaxation session allows very active people to stop for a moment, relax, get closer to their intuition, just be. The sound bath gives you rest and quick regeneration. Many people experience how this calmness and equanimity generate an impulse to act – new ideas, solutions and qualities emerge.

How is it manifested?

– breathing deepens freely and spontaneously,

– physical tensions are released e.g. back pain, joint pain,

– there is a feeling of relaxation and lightness in the body,

– thoughts and emotions calm down,

– excessive stress is released, well-being increases,

– there is a sense of strength and inner joy,

– there is a harmonization of the body, mind and emotions,

– resistance to stress is increased.

There are as many feelings and sensations as there are people who experience these sounds. What’s more, it can be different every time 🙂


– casual outfit in which you can lie down for 60 min session

– favorite blanket, sleeping bag or something else to cover up during the session + a pillow

– yoga mats

Due to limited spaces I don’t do refunds unless agreed with the host at least 48 hours before the event


Due to nature of the event once started there is no option to join so please come at least 5 minutes before.


If you would like to attend but you can’t due to financial concern, please send me a private message so I can sort something out :-)

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Date April 2, 2023Time 7:30 pm - 8:30 pmVenue The BridgeOrganiser Sound Therapy Jersey (Tom)Organiser Email SoundTherapyJersey@gmail.comOrganiser Website View Organiser Website

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