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Rag and Swag Trade
This event has passed.

Rag and Swag Trade

The second Rag Trade.
swop/ gifting
On Saturday the 20th of May in west centre by the metal cows.
Starting at 10am until 6pm
There are many more to come.
Be there to celebrate this environmentally sustainable movement towards a society with nothing wasted.
A circular economy.
Reusing the abundance of resources that we already have.
Refusing to import unnecessary goods.
Just imagine what we can achieve in creating a circular economy for all the abundance of clothing that we already have in the island saving money for everyone.
Free Clothes for all.
We are happy to receive any household items that you would like to gift so that others can benefit.
Something that is clutter in your home can be treasure for someone else.
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Date May 20, 2023Time 10:00 am - 6:00 pmVenue West CenterOrganiser Potty Eco Pots & Reuse MugsOrganiser Website View Organiser Website

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