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| Mysteries of the brain | Biodiversity
Mysteries of the brain | Biodiversity
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Mysteries of the brain | Biodiversity

A two part scientific talk, exploring the workings of the brain followed by an exploration of biodiversity in Jersey

This is a two part scientific talk looking at two very different subjects.

Abdul Muktadir Shafi will explore the workings of the brain, discussing how the brain has developed a mechanism to protect itself.

Hannah Le Morvan will discuss biodiversity in Jersey, looking at how the landscape has changed. Jersey today is currently dominated by agricultural countryside, dotted with small, fractured woody areas, and filled with a vibrance of wildlife. But did it always look this way?

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Date March 25, 2023Time 11:00 am - 12:00 pmVenue Santander Work CafeOrganiser Santander Work CafeOrganiser Email info@workcafe.je

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