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Easter Chocolate Masterclass with Chocadyllic
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Easter Chocolate Masterclass with Chocadyllic

Are you ready to explore the world of chocolate? Join us for our Chocolate Making workshop event on Wednesday 29th March, 5:30-7:30pm.

Are you ready to explore the world of chocolate? Join us for our Chocolate Making workshop on Wednesday 29th March, 5:30-7:30 pm, and learn how to handcraft delicious chocolate truffles and moulded mini Easter-themed chocolates with master chocolatier Evelyn Day.

During the workshop, we will have a Chocolate Tasting session where participants will be given a variety of high-quality chocolates to sample, along with a masterclass in the fundamentals of chocolate making accompanied by bubbles (non-alcoholic options available) and the option for canapès .

See full details of the event schedule below.

1. Introduction to chocolate making: The chocolatier will introduce the basics of chocolate making, including different types of chocolate, the equipment needed, and the process of tempering chocolate.

2. Chocolate Tasting: You will be given a variety of high-quality chocolates to taste and learn about different chocolate flavours, textures, and types of chocolates.

3. Making the chocolate ganache: You will learn how to make a simple chocolate ganache for truffles using high-quality Belgian chocolate and Jersey Dairy. You will also have the choice to customise your ganache by adding your own unique flavour choices (mint, orange, champagne or rum).

4. Decorating the chocolate truffles: Once the ganache has set, you will be shown how to roll or pipe the ganache to create truffles. The truffles will then be decorated using various techniques, including hand-rolling, dipping into edible decorations, and piping with additional chocolate.

5. Creating Easter-themed chocolates using moulds: The chocolatier will demonstrate how to temper chocolate, a crucial step in chocolate making that ensures the chocolate has a shiny finish and a satisfying snap. You will learn how to use tempered chocolate in moulds, how to fill them, and how to set and de-mould your chocolates.

6. Packaging and taking home the chocolates: Finally, you will package your handmade chocolates to take home with you. You will be given all the materials required to package your chocolates professionally, with options to add gift tags, ribbons and stickers to personalise their chocolates and add a professional touch.

So join us for this fun, chocolate-filled event! We’re sure it will be an unforgettable experience!

Please bring your own apron to the event and arrive before 5:30 to ensure access to the store before it closes.

Minimum age 10 years

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Date March 29, 2023Time 5:30 pm - 7:45 pmVenue De GruchyOrganiser De GruchyOrganiser Email customerservices@degruchys.comOrganiser Website View Organiser Website

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