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Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation
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Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation

Cleanse, restore + balance your chakras during this Crystal Bowl Chakra Sound Immersion

During this experience of the crystal singing bowls, made of pure crystal quartz you will experience the most wonderful pure harmonic tones imaginable. The tones induce altered states of consciousness as they move through every cell of the body. When immersed in these vibrations our awareness expands and we enter a deep meditative state where blocked emotions are released in a profound and positive way.

Our bones, DNA and blood all have a crystalline structure. The human body therefore has a natural affinity to quartz, so the pure tones resonate greatly with the physical and subtle bodies, facilitating profound healing. The quartz crystal contains the full spectrum of light related to the seven chakras and their associated musical notes.  As the bowls hold the vibration of white light, they act as powerful transmitters and have become known as the ‘purest tone’ in the world.

Benefits of Crystal Bowl Meditations:

– Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

– Stimulates the immune system

– Assists with lowering blood pressure

– Promotes deep relaxation and pain relief

– Helps to calm overactive adrenals

– Increases mental and emotional clarity

– Activates the parasympathetic nervous system

– Balances the hemispheres of the brain

– Rejuvenates the cells

– Improves sleep and glandular function

– Corrects hormonal imbalances

– Shifts brainwave states

– Boosts creativity, focus and clarity

– Releases emotional blockages


The crystal singing bowls create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibrations and frequencies of out-of-harmony and dis-eased parts of the mind, body and soul. The notes of the crystal singing bowls correspond with each of the major chakras; the energy centres of the body. Each energy centre has unique aspects and corresponds with specific tones of the musical scale. Keeping these centres in balance is what will result in health + harmony.

Chakras can be imbalanced by becoming blocked and under-active, or intense and over-active. When this happens our being as a whole is out of balance, creating an unhealthy environment which often leads to emotional blocks and ultimately physical illness. Alignment and resonance with the tones of the crystal bowls is one of the most purest forms of sound healing + chakra balancing.


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Date February 26, 2023Time 4:30 pm - 5:30 pmVenue St Ouens Parish HallOrganiser Claire BradburyOrganiser Email claire@claire-bradbury.comOrganiser Website View Organiser Website

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