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Chakra Healing Inner Transformation Sessions
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Chakra Healing Inner Transformation Sessions

Join me for a unique experience of yin yoga combined with ancient Tantric practices to open the chakras and transform your inner being.

Enjoy a blissful two hours of completely letting go with this introduction to tantra combined with yin yoga poses.

We are always so busy doing and holding on to everything that we forget how to just be. While we are engaging with the outside world we are also accumulating karma which causes congestion in our physical, astral and causal bodies. We start to feel heavy and depressed because we are carrying around emotions and traumas from our past while worrying about what the future holds.

Most of us know that meditation can help clear all this baggage but finding the time is never easy and it’s almost impossible to fit in a regular practice!

That’s why I have created this immersive two hour inner transformation session where you have the space to completely LET GO!

This is no ordinary yoga and meditation class – yes we practice some very gentle yin postures to help open the body (if you wish – you can also just lie or sit in meditation) but mostly the focus is understanding the body-mind complex, how to consciously cultivate energy (prana) from your environment and redirect it to flow within the central channel (shushumna nadi) that runs from the base of the spine and over the top of your head to the third eye to open the chakras.

There are said to be over 108 chakras however there are six important ones that run up the spine and one just above the head that acts as a portal for consciousness and energy to come into the body. Chakra literally translates as ‘wheel’ however in the tantric tradition they are known as padmas or lotus flowers that blossom as energy moves from the bottom of the shushumna to the top. When all six of the chakras have been opened, energy is free (ayama) to reach the highest chakra, and liberation is possible. Yes that means even you can reach enlightenment!

As you awaken each chakra you evolve from your instinctual animal nature to nurturing your compassionate human nature until you eventually transcend into the divine realms where you lose the ego completely.

The beauty of these practices is that you are given a roadmap on how to balance your energies and emotions.

if you have ever tried to change something about yourself just through the power of the mind then you will know how difficult it is! When you practice mantras and kriyas you learn how to play your flute like a magician and activate energies in your body that will do the work for you!

During the session I will be chanting sanskrit madras that are embedded with energy to help awaken each chakra. You are welcome to join in however as this is just an introduction you will benefit just from allowing the energy of the words to absorb into each chakra.

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Date February 26, 2023Time 2:00 pm - 4:00 pmVenue Dandara Langtry GardensOrganiser Carla YogaOrganiser Email carla@carla-yoga.comOrganiser Website View Organiser Website

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